School bus driver relates daily dedication to job


Bus driver Vanessa Stroman reads the poem she wrote about school bus drivers during the August Williston District 29 school board meeting.

When we tell people that we drive a school bus,
Many times they have sympathy for us.
It’s a job that others don’t want to do,
That’s why our numbers are so few.
Hours before others in the school district are awake,
We school bus drivers have a route we have to make.
Early mornings before the rising of the sun
Our buses are started and ready to run.
Now the day in the life of a school bus driver begins,
Hopefully the losses will be less than the wins.
The weather, traffic and animals come into play
As we school bus drivers go on our merry way.
As we travel the highways at 45 miles per hour
We really don’t have that much power .
60 to 70 children sit behind us as we drive,
6 to 8 mirrors we watch for safety to help keep us alive.
Our hands on the steering wheel at positions 10 and 2,
Engaged in procedures that we must do.
No administrator or staff member goes out with us.
We are virtually alone as we drive the school bus.
No one at one time has as many children as we do.
Some of us school bus drivers have every grade level too.
The children’s behavior varies like the weather.
We don’t know what to expect we just hope it gets better.
Some children don’t sit properly in their seat.
Others block the aisle with bookbags and their feet.
Then there are those who talk loud the entire way.
And there are a few sweet ones who have nothing to say.
Not to mention there are those who just refuse
To obey all of the posted school rules.
For goodness sake! We must always be on time.
Parents call and complain as if we committed a crime.
What they fail to realize as we drive the school bus,
Is that every child that rides is important to us.
We transport the most precious cargo each way.
This is the life of a school bus driver everyday.
So when you see a school bus, give the bus driver some respect.
With all the distractions going on, the children they still protect.

Vanessa Stroman
Williston School District 29, bus driver for over 25 years