Florence One honors volunteers


Dottie O’Neal, a volunteer with Florence School District 1, holds a clay trinket given to her by a Greenwood Elementary School student as she speaks at a volunteer appreciation dinner at North Vista Elementary School on Tuesday. O’Neal said the gift meant more than trophies she had earned. (Nicole Cartrette/Morning News)

Community involvement is essential to the success of public schools. Volunteers provide all sorts of help to students and teachers, and Florence School District One took time recently to thank tutors, mentors and others who give their time to support public education. And, in this article, several of the volunteers talk about what they gain from the experience. Kristi Horger reflects on the strides made a child she was tutoring and says, “I was just as proud of her as I would have been of my own child.”

Thank you to volunteers in Florence and throughout the state for standing up for public schools!