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The South Carolina School Boards Association (SCSBA) launched Stand Up 4 SC Public Schools, in conjunction with the National School Boards Association’s Stand Up 4 Public Schools campaign, to promote the importance of public schools. Historically, communities have supported local, lay school boards to make certain that local schools serve the community effectively and equally.

The campaign focus is on maintaining the collective belief that public education should not be allowed to become a tool of any single group or person and that education exists to serve all people equally. Support for a strong system of public education is crucial. It is the backbone of our democracy and has made our nation a leader in the world.

SCSBA views education as a civil right that is necessary to the dignity and freedom of the American people, and we all know how much public schools matter. Quality public education is a must if our nation is going to prosper. Meanwhile, public schools are centers of community activity and school boards are America’s preeminent expression of grassroots democracy.


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Standing up for public schools has never been more important. Ultimately, adequately funded, student-centered schools will provide a safe and supportive environment where our children grow and learn. They will prepare America’s children for a lifetime of learning and doing in a diverse, democratic society and an interdependent global economy.